Due to a strong communication system with the Industry and the private sector PTU has been able to offer the most relevant and up to date syllabi under all its courses in Distance Education Programme. The Directorate has different BOS comprising of eminent academicians and industry experts who periodically review the syllabi and modernize and liberalize the same from time to time as may be required. The PTU syllabi are widely recognized as the most updated syllabi among contemporary universities. It is industry oriented, versatile and covers the latest technology of the relevant stream. For instance in IT programs we deliver education in the subject of .net, C#, XML, Java etc that is the need of the industry. Normally, each semester has four theory and one practical paper whereas the first semester of each course has a subject of Communication and Soft Skills. Wherever required such as incase of MCA or Hotel Management etc., a complete semester is allocated for Industrial Training.

IT and Management

Non IT