Admission Process

Each course has a detailed syllabus as available on this website.

Each course has a scheme that contains the details of all external and internal papers with their maximum and minimum marks, as applicable. Students and Learning centres must adhere to this scheme and syllabi and should frequently visit the notice board on this website.


The curriculum and the calendar provides 240 hours of education delivery in each semester to all students. This is apart from the tests, assignments, self learning exercises, projects, industrial training etc. This is normally taken as 2 hours per day or consolidated at the weekends. Daily interaction with the faculty enhances the understanding of the subject.

Internal Tests and Self Assessment

The Learning Centres assess the students periodically through group discussions, projects and internal tests. These internal tests contribute 25% as internal assessment in each semester where as external examination conducted by the University contributes 75%.

Most of the students are issued a set of books (cost included in the fee) at the commencement of the semester that are to be obtained from the Learning Centres. The Learning centres also provide customized notes to their students fee of cost. In case of e-correspondence students, the students have to pay extra charges as mentioned in the prospectus time to time.