University provides the facility of migration in which a student is allowed to transfer his candidature from one LC to another LC anywhere in the country, provided the destination learning centre offers the same course. Migration to any other university/college is not allowed during the course.

  • There is no migration fee charged by the university from the student.

  • If the student has already deposited the current semester & exam fee at the Existing LC, he/she will have to deposit Rs. 2000/- at the Target LC.

Following guidelines are to strictly adhere by the students and Learning Centres:

  • Migrations have to be applied only on the prescribed form to obtain. To Download Click here.

  • Migration within the same city is not allowed. In case of genuine reason, special cases may be considered subject to the approval of the University through RC.

  • If the student migrates to any other LC without the permission of the University, his/her admission will be cancelled and the fee will stand forfeited. In such a case the LC entertaining such student would also be penalized.

  • The students will have to agree the batch timings as suggested by the new LC accepting the migration.

  • The migration application is to be submitted with the RC at least 60 days before the commencement of exams so as to be put-up the University through RC 45 days before the commencement of exams.

  • In case of new admissions migration is allowed only after the allotment of roll number.

Procedure: The student is required to fill the prescribed form (download) and requisite and relevant documents as suggested by the Performa duly signed by the student, signed and stamped by the learning centre head from where the student is migrating and by the learning centre head where the student wants to get migrated. NO FIELD IN THE MIGRATION FORM SHOULD BE LEFT BLANK which has to be ensured by the LC head from where the student is migrating out. This form with the documents has to be submitted by the student to the present LC. The student must obtain acknowledgement of submission of the form.

The fee installment of the next semester has to be paid before the start of examination of previous semester as per the dates communicated by the University.

Note: Migrations applied / executed defying any of the above norms shall be treated as null and void.